Meetings 2021

Thursday, December 9. 2021

We enjoyed a meal at the Excelsior Hotel.

We don’t have a normal meeting in December on the 3rd Thursday, because it is too close to Christmas, and with COVID restrictions, we decided not to have a shared meal at our normal meeting place.

There will be no meeting in January 2022 – we will see everyone in February.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Members’ (and visitors’) night
We had short presentations from:

  • Brian Steinke
  • Eric Rodda
  • Peter Abt
  • Ray Harmon

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Guest Presenter:
Professor Andre Luiten
spoke about the world’s most precise clock – the CyroClock, and other inventions.

“The Power of Precision”

It turns out that numerous complex systems in modern society i.e. communications, radar, computing, navigation, power distribution depend on access to high quality timing. Indeed, many of us would no longer be able to find our way to a new coffee shop without the power of GPS in our phones. GPS itself is based on a collection of high-quality clocks in orbit around the earth – without them, many of the logistical requirements of our society would break down.

QuantX Labs is exploiting technology that I developed in my PhD project many years ago to deliver higher precision timing to the globe.
In this talk I’ll tell you a little about how it works, about the other high precision devices we are inventing in the company, and also where we are going.

Biography:     Professor Andre Luiten FAIP GAICD FTSE
Prof Andre Luiten FAIP GAICD FTSE is Director of the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) and Chair of Experimental Physics at the University of Adelaide.
He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).
Prof Luiten obtained his PhD in Physics from the University of Western Australia in 1997, for which he was awarded the Bragg Gold Medal. He subsequently held three prestigious Fellowships from the Australian Research Council.
For his efforts Andre was the joint inaugural winner of the WA Premier’s Prize for Early Career Achievement in Science.
In 2013, Andre came to SA to take up the Chair of Experimental Physics at the University of Adelaide and a Premier’s Research Fellowship. He has published 6 book chapters and authored 129 journal papers (with over 5,400 citations) and raised over $34M for research.
Prof Luiten’s work aims at developing state-of-the-art instruments across many diverse fields of physics.
The excellence of that work is recognised by the award of the Barry Inglis Medal from the National Measurement Institute, the Australian Institute of Physics’ Alan Walsh Medal for Service to Industry, and the prestigious 2018 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in safeguarding Australia.
Andre is co-founder and managing Director of QuantX Labs Pty Ltd, a start-up recently named as Avalon 2019 Defence SME of the Year.
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This photo shows one of the clocks of QuantX Labs








Members will be able to view Prof. Luiten’s presentation on the Members page.


Thursday, September 16, 2021

Presenter: Brian Steinke
All about Electric Assist Bicycles – and some innovation

Brian is an experienced eBike rider sharing his experiences and telling us all about eBikes.

We were informed about eBikes to increase your general knowledge so that you can make an informed decision if an eBike is for you, your friends or family. He spoke about the many types and some of the factors to be considered regarding eBikes.

Further, if you do become involved in an eBike, how to look after and protect it. Brian also demonstrated a little innovation regarding eBikes and hopefully satisfy any curiosity.

Members will be able to view Brian’s presentation on the Members page.

Please note that the AGM for this branch was held at this meeting.


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Guest Presenter:
Shem Richards – Founder: Goldilocks Suit

“The Birth of Goldilocks”

Shem Richards – Father or two daughters and medical device engineer. Founder of Goldilocks which is using smart clothing to transform home healthcare, providing greater value of care and reducing the cost of care. Goldilocks beachhead market is a smart baby singlet to reduce stress and anxiety for new parents.

Technology – Goldilocks presents like a normal baby singlet, but on the inside it has sensors screen printed on. These sensors are connected to a Bluetooth module which communicates with a smart phone. This data is processed by neural networks and determines the babies habits around; feeding, sleeping, breathing and core/skin temperature. From this we build a profile about what is normal about the baby and can provide coaching for new parents.


Thursday, July 15, 2021

Guest Presenter: Kellie Hoffmann

Kellie has created her own business by creating art by using recycled materials.

Product Name: I’ve been calling it a “Plastic Canvas” or “Recycled Canvas”

Product outline:
I recently visited Mt Gambier to visit Ecoplas, where the owner (Willie Van Niekerk) helped me to create a frame made entirely from recycled plastic milk bottles. I have since stretched upcycled fabric over the frame to complete the canvas. I intend to stretch plastic bags over some of these frames, and paint marine life onto them for an installation art project.

Kellie grew up in rural South Australia, moving to Adelaide to pursue a degree in the arts. She now lives and works in Adelaide. Kellie predominately works with natural pigments to create eco-friendly and non-toxic oil, watercolour and gouache mediums. She highly values striving for a zero waste lifestyle and incorporates this way of living into her practice by using upcycled/recycled materials.

Kellie is passionate about the natural world and its inhabitants. She creates work in response to her observations of the impact humans have on the earth, specifically highlighting plastic pollution and its effects on marine life. She is especially drawn to animals, giving them a voice and aiming to provoke thought and conversation within my audience about the importance of animal conservation.

Thursday, June 17, 2021


Eric Rodda
President – Inventors Association (SA)

“Don’t Mark Your Book!”

Eric explained via a presentation, how to make his innovative bookmark.
Everyone present had the opportunity to make this bookmark – all materials were provided.

Members now have access to the video of this presentation.

Thursday, May 20, 2021


Paul Dipuglia
Customer Relationship Manager – Neutrog Australia Pty Ltd

“Manufacturing processes and products very unique to Neutrog.”

Paul Dipuglia has been working with Neutrog since 2009 and during that time has become an integral part of the Customer Relationship team.

Paul’s role involves him being out on the road most weeks as he meets with retail stores such as Bunnings, Mitre 10 and specialist garden centres and also conducts staff trainings.

Another key part of Paul’s role is with garden clubs and plant societies, who stretch from the east coast of New South Wales all the way back to Ceduna in SA. Paul visits these groups to talk about Neutrog, the research and development projects that are underway and the individual attributes of the products that Neutrog produce.

It’s through day to day contact with retailers and these talks with passionate gardeners across a range of varieties and applications, that Paul has developed an in depth understanding of why Neutrog products are distinctly unique to their competition.

Paul’s presentation included:

  • Company History
  • Credibility
  • Manufacturing/Composting
  • Products in development
  • Benefits of year round fertilising
  • Products and applications

Paul Dipuglia

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Richard Mayo
(Principal Engineer at ATRAD Pty/Ltd)

Richard gave a presentation on the latest in “Radar Systems”.

Richard was born in Bendigo, Victoria, 66-years old, graduate of the Bendigo Institute of Technology in Electronic Engineering.

Electronics Engineer with 45 years professional experience in many categories of electronic design, development and manufacture, including work at: Philips Hendon, Codan, Inspiration Technology and several others, currently Principal Engineer at Atrad.

Atrad designs and produces radar systems for remote sensing of the atmosphere for research and weather prediction clients.

  Richard Mayo

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Topic: Using an “Arduino” to build and program your invention.

Presenter: Stewart Jones

Have you ever wanted to build and program your own robot? Or perhaps a weather station?
What about a DIY home security system? Segway? 3D printer? Washing machine (probably not)?

If you want to build something electrical which needs some level of intelligence, you’ll need a microcontroller.
A microcontroller is a small chip with inputs, outputs and a memory.
It’s as simple as connecting your electrical components and telling the microcontroller what it needs to do.

This presentation will focus on the Arduino microcontroller which was invented in 2005.
There are now thousands of microcontrollers available, the cheapest starts at $5 (delivered).

Stewart Jones is a Mechanical Engineer at Normet Asia Pacific where he designs modifications for underground mining equipment and also bespoke mining vehicles for international clients.
Stewart gained a Batchelor of Engineering at the University of Adelaide and has worked in the mining industry for companies including BHP and Boart Longyear.
Stewart is a successful lawn bowler who had national success at the junior level.
When not working or bowling, he is programming microcontrollers, playing with his daughter, and sometimes doing both at the same time.

 Stewart Jones 

Members now have access to the slideshow of this presentation.

Thursday, February 18, 2021 

Topic: 3D Printing – The Ins and Outs

Eric Rodda

Eric is the IAA SA President & 3D printing guru, amongst other things!
He will take us through this fascinating process of making 3D printed products – from a 3D drawing to the finished product.


  • Alibre Atom3D – 3D Design software
  • Ultimaker Cura  – 3D Printing Software
  • Creality CR-10S Pro Ver 2 – 3D Printer

Members now have access to the video and slideshow of this presentation.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Guest Speaker:
Mark Thomson (Author – Inventor – Researcher)

Subject: Acronyms, Algorithms and the Attention economy.

Is there a place for inventors, makers and fixers in the cyber/physical world?

“I will be giving my overview of the work I have been lucky enough to do with Professor Genevieve Bell and a few other people.
It’s allowed me to get an insight into aspects of the how the new cyber/digital landscape is utterly rewriting the world and what it means for people like you and me – who are essentially still making/inventing and tinkering in the physical and tangible world.” Mark Thomson

Mark is the author of many books, including those about the illusive inventor Henry Hoke.
We will have three copies of Mark’s book “The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke” to auction off at this meeting, with three lucky people receiving a signed copy.

One of Mark’s many roles is: Advanced Research Director at the Institute of Backyard Studies

Mark Thomson