Meetings 2019

Thursday, December 12, 2019 – 7:00pm

This was the Inventors Christmas Breakup night.

Please bring a plate of savouries or sweets to share, and a soft drink if you can.

Bring an invention to put on display – if you have something.

No guest speaker at this meeting.

Thursday, November 21, 2019 – 6:30pm

This month we had another special night.

Adelaide Makerspace
100 Franklin St, Adelaide at 6:30pm
This will consist of a tour of the incredible “Space”

Speaker/Tour Guide: David Riley    Company: Makerspace


Would you like affordable access to tools, equipment and a community of like-minded innovators, inventors and makers?
Makerspace Adelaide offer membership, classes, workshop, speakers and special events.
Makerspace Adelaide is a community fabrication workshop providing affordable access to a variety of tools and equipment – from laser cutters and sewing machines to 3D printers and traditional hand tools.
Along with access to tools, there are staff and volunteers to help members learn how to safely use the tools and equipment. Inventors, makers and entrepreneurs cannot go from an idea to ‘the next big thing’ in one simple step. They need to develop their ideas, prototype, refine and continue to develop their ideas and inventions.
Makerspace Adelaide and the wisdom of the maker community is a vital step in the process of transforming ideas into reality.

After the site visit, some of us enjoyed a meal at Hawkers Corner.
Hawkers Corner is on the corner of Wright St and 141 West Tce, Adelaide.

Thursday, 17th October, 2019 

The October meeting was NOT be held at 19 on Green Community Centre,
but consisted of a:

REDARC Factory Tour

23 Brodie Road North, Lonsdale SA 5160
The site tour commenced at 5:30pm.

REDARC is a Lonsdale SA based, advanced manufacturer employing 205 staff and also has an office at the Williamtown, NSW Aerospace Centre employing 10 staff.
REDARC was established in 1979 and manufactures a range of portable power products for vehicle applications including battery management systems, power supplies, voltage converters, vehicle safety products and inverters.
REDARC supplies products to the automotive, mining, defence, trucking, agricultural and marine industries.
At the 2015 and 2017 Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards, REDARC was awarded Gold – Excellence in Manufacturing over $10 million annual turnover.

Anthony Kittel is the CEO and Owner of REDARC Electronics.
Anthony is the National Vice President & SA Branch Councillor of Australian Industry Group, Chair of the Flinders University Engineering and ICT Industry Advisory Board and a member of the Adelaide University Business School Industry Advisory Board. He is also the immediate past Chairperson of the South Australian Training and Skills Commission.

Anthony, assisted by Andrew Croft and Richard Burley, took us on a tour of the REDARC factory and then Anthony gave us a presentation about REDARC. 

Thursday, 19th September 2019

Guest Speaker: Adele Flego   Company: Chiliad Consulting


You have come up with a great invention or a unique idea…
Can you tell anyone about it?
How do you protect in from being copied or ripped off?
How do you ensure you get paid the royalties you deserve?
How do you make it, manufacture it or market it without risking your investment?
Adele Flego is a Patent and Trademarks Attorney and the Principal for Chiliad Consulting.
Adele will talk to us about Patents, Trademarks, Design Protection and Copyrights.
What is the difference between these and what protections do they offer?

Adele is an experienced Trans-Tasman Patent and Trademarks Attorney and IP strategist with extensive experience in private practice and diverse experience in IP encompassing technology commercialisation, IP policy (OHIM) and patent examination (IP Australia).
She works with entrepreneurs and investors providing traditional patent and trademark services driven by strategic analysis, planning and execution strategies.

Thursday, 15th August 2019

Guest Speakers: Dr Sivam Krish and Jarrad Law,


The GoMicro team have been working together at the New Venture Institue for a few years, initially developing phone apps for Education. It became abundantly clear that ever-increasing sensor, computational connectivity capabilities of the mobile phone are being unappreciated and underutilised in education; where old world equipment dictates work practices. Phone Labs set out to change this, but failed, except with phone microscopy – that evolved into GoMicro.
By combining skills in engineering, product design and software development GoMicro have realized some exciting possibilities across many disciplines. It has taken GoMicro into new areas where they have found collaborators who are opening new doors and new possibilities that now believe transform with AI and Phone Microscopy.
CEO, Dr Sivam Krish will talk to us about Navigating Failure and COO, Jarrad Law will talk about their Journey from EdTech to MedTech to AgriTech.

The AGM was held at this meeting.

Thursday, 18th July 2019

Guest Speaker: Matthew Rossiter, 


The cost of monitoring organised crime and potential terrorists is very high and due to budgetary restraints means only the obvious threats can be monitored whilst other developing threats either go unnoticed or due to inactivity move off the list.
National security, law enforcement and defence are very topical and very important to many security agencies, organisations and governments.
How do we analyse and make sense of the millions of terabytes of images and data quickly and accurately?
Fivecast uses AI Software and delivers insights from data and performs risk-assessment of social media content and allows accurate, organised and repeatable risk analysis.
Matt Rossiter will be sharing information about Fivecast’s technology and the application to risk assessment.

Thursday, 20th June, 2019

Guest Speaker: Howard Speed (Private Historian)


Over the years, on television and the internet, credit is given to the Americans for the invention of the photocopier, and nothing said about the brilliant work done here in Adelaide.
Howard Speed is a photographer with a keen interest in South Australian history and has documented much of it on film.
He will speak to us and explain one of the most important inventions in our time, the Photocopier. He will outline the work done in both America and Australia and show original examples of the Adelaide work, which gained over 40 patents throughout the world.

The Film Archives of Howard Speed

Our Guest Speaker, Howard Speed with an example of a
print from the first colour photocopier in the 1960’s.
Seen here with Guest Speaker Coordinator, Tony Rossiter.

Thursday, 16th May, 2019

Guest Speaker: Frank Seeley AM
Executive Chairman and Founder of Seeley International
Webpage: Seeley International,


Started in the early 70’s, Seeley International manufactures Braemar, Breezair, Coolair, Climate Wizard and Convair.
Franks original product, evaporative air conditioning is very cheap to run as only the fan and pump need power and is ideal in dry areas such as South Australia.
The roof unit shown revolutionized the industry when Seeley International manufactured them.
By incorporated gas heating Seeley International can to produce a year-round solution.
Using WiFi and voice activated controls SI keeps abreast of modern technologies.
Introduction Video

Frank Seeley receiving a Certificate of Appreciation
from Tony Rossiter (Guest Speaker Coordinator).


Thursday, 18th April, 2019

Guest Speaker: Tony Smith –
Company: Key Tubing & Electrical Industries


Tony Smith is the Engineering Manager at Key Tubing and Electrical, a prime manufacturer of sub-components for the international healthcare industry. He was previously Engineering Manager at Philmac.
Over the last 7 years he  has designed and built several small low-cost computers in manufacturing. The most common platform being Raspberry Pi.
Tony’s presentation will cover a number of applications where a small low-cost computer has been implemented in manufacturing.
He will demonstrate this thorough several electrical and mechanical applications. He will also explain ways to learn how to implement similar systems yourself.
Tony’s presentation will conclude with an insight into a project using Low Powered Long-Range radio, also controlled by a Raspberry Pi using an innovative method to measure water levels and plant stress directly from the plant.

Thursday, 21st March, 2019

Guest Speaker: David
Company: POET Systems


Based in Adelaide, South Australia, David has a passionate interest in environmental sciences and a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration (MBA). The refusal of China to take our recycled plastics, 7 million tonnes a year, has resulted in a new challenge to process them here.
He has been a freelance consultant and innovator in the waste/recycling and polymer industries for many years and driven innovation of new technologies and processes through this time.
The launch of the POET System™ (for which David has been primarily responsible) is a viable alternative for polymer waste processors and which, in a unique and patented way, combines low impact microbial digestion of a range of plastics including polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and expanded polystyrene, with energy capture technologies and turns them into biogas and organic by-products that can be used as garden fertiliser and mulch.

Thursday, 21st February, 2019

Speaker: Brian Steinke
Company: Screw in Pegs


We encourage our members to speak about their projects. Brian, an ardent camper, decided that a better tent peg was needed and went about designing one that could be screwed into the ground with a rechargeable drill. He now manufactures these in his shed and sells them on ebay.
He will tell the story about manufacturing, perfecting the product, packaging, transport and dealing with customers on the Internet.
This process can be adopted for any inventors who wish to test the market and get feedback from their customers, 177 million on eBay worldwide and about half a million visitors a day on Gumtree.

Video about Screw in Pegs

Thursday, 17th January, 2019

Guest Speaker: Ben Morton
Technical Director & Co-Founder: ByGen Pty Ltd


ByGen is a spin-out company from the Chemical Engineering department of the University of Adelaide. Co-Founded by Dr Lewis Dunnigan, Dr Philip Kwong, and Mr Ben Morton.

The process converts agricultural waste, straw, husks, hulls, etc. and other non-saleable waste.  Shown is an auger in a heated chamber which is the first stage of the process.  Feed drops down the left vertical tube, into the screw where it is conveyed along at a high temperature, converting it into charcoal. It is then converted into activated carbon using a patent pending technology developed by ByGen.

The process is a giant leap over existing processes, using low temperatures and impure gases whereas the current method uses high temperatures and higher purity gases and the output quality is comparable.

Video about ByGen