Meetings 2019

Thursday, 18th April

Guest Speaker: Tony Smith –
Company: Key Tubing & Electrical Industries


Tony Smith is the Engineering Manager at Key Tubing and Electrical, a prime manufacturer of sub-components for the international healthcare industry. He was previously Engineering Manager at Philmac.
Over the last 7 years he  has designed and built several small low-cost computers in manufacturing. The most common platform being Raspberry Pi.
Tony’s presentation will cover a number of applications where a small low-cost computer has been implemented in manufacturing.
He will demonstrate this thorough several electrical and mechanical applications. He will also explain ways to learn how to implement similar systems yourself.
Tony’s presentation will conclude with an insight into a project using Low Powered Long-Range radio, also controlled by a Raspberry Pi using an innovative method to measure water levels and plant stress directly from the plant.

Thursday, 21st March, 2019

Guest Speaker: David
Company: POET Systems


Based in Adelaide, South Australia, David has a passionate interest in environmental sciences and a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration (MBA). The refusal of China to take our recycled plastics, 7 million tonnes a year, has resulted in a new challenge to process them here.
He has been a freelance consultant and innovator in the waste/recycling and polymer industries for many years and driven innovation of new technologies and processes through this time.
The launch of the POET System™ (for which David has been primarily responsible) is a viable alternative for polymer waste processors and which, in a unique and patented way, combines low impact microbial digestion of a range of plastics including polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and expanded polystyrene, with energy capture technologies and turns them into biogas and organic by-products that can be used as garden fertiliser and mulch.

Thursday, 21st February, 2019

Speaker: Brian Steinke
Company: Screw in Pegs


We encourage our members to speak about their projects. Brian, an ardent camper, decided that a better tent peg was needed and went about designing one that could be screwed into the ground with a rechargeable drill. He now manufactures these in his shed and sells them on ebay.
He will tell the story about manufacturing, perfecting the product, packaging, transport and dealing with customers on the Internet.
This process can be adopted for any inventors who wish to test the market and get feedback from their customers, 177 million on eBay worldwide and about half a million visitors a day on Gumtree.

Video about Screw in Pegs

Thursday, 17th January, 2019

Guest Speaker: Ben Morton
Technical Director & Co-Founder: ByGen Pty Ltd


ByGen is a spin-out company from the Chemical Engineering department of the University of Adelaide. Co-Founded by Dr Lewis Dunnigan, Dr Philip Kwong, and Mr Ben Morton.

The process converts agricultural waste, straw, husks, hulls, etc. and other non-saleable waste.  Shown is an auger in a heated chamber which is the first stage of the process.  Feed drops down the left vertical tube, into the screw where it is conveyed along at a high temperature, converting it into charcoal. It is then converted into activated carbon using a patent pending technology developed by ByGen.

The process is a giant leap over existing processes, using low temperatures and impure gases whereas the current method uses high temperatures and higher purity gases and the output quality is comparable.

Video about ByGen