Meetings 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Inventors Christmas Party

There is no Guest Speaker tonight…
Bring your partner and celebrate another great year of inventions, non-members invited too.
Either bring a plate, savoury or sweet to share or contribute ($5) to Pizzas. BYO drinks;
coffee & tea will be supplied and enjoy great great conversation and video’s from Eric.

17th November 2016
Guest Speaker: Omid Rad
INTELLIWEED as seen on Shark Tank*

Come and hear about SHARK TANK* from Omid Rad.

Omid brought the Group Kinetica team together in 2005 and has been working here and abroad to develop innovative horticultural products.

A serial inventor and entrepreneur with a passion to make Goodness Grow, he has concentrated on improving and creating sustainable horticultural systems and tools to maintain them.

Omid recognised an opportunity to bring a range of plant material from his birthplace, Iran, as the similarities in climate and environment as very similar and these have been very lucrative for Australian growers.

This endeavour became his life-passion and has culminated into several patented technologies as well as many new varieties of fruit and vegetable developed over the past decade.

– * Shark Tank is an Australian reality competition television series that premiered 8 February 2015, on Network Ten.

20th October 2016
Guest Speaker: Natalie Spillane from: Crosby Dalwood

The ideas and concepts are there, the design has been refined, the prototype is in the works….. what now? Having a vision for a new or better invention is exciting, but you need to be able to communicate that vision beyond the concept stage to others who maybe can’t see that vision.
Natalie is an Accountant and Business Advisor who has been working with a variety of businesses for over 15 years. She will be looking at Business Plans and for inventors and how to go about putting one together, as well as why they need to do more than just gather dust on a shelf.
She will also look at financial record-keeping, some of the software available to make this as simple as possible, and why these records are important from day one.
A special thanks to Peta Coughlin, Eastside Business Enterprise Centre for organising our speaker.

15th September 2016
Guest Speaker: Brenton Diener – Solar Water Pumps

At 71, Brenton enjoys the challenge of solving industrial and rural problems and has done this since 1984.
Whilst he offers a range of standard equipment, he also has a large workshop in Kapunda and the ability to adapt to suit the customer’s needs.
In the last year, his turnover has increased by 30% to 1.3 million with 3 employees plus himself.
As his wares often have to be transported great distances, so damage resistance, minimum volume and the ability to be assembled by unskilled labour has to be designed in.
He recently showed one of his pumps at the 2016 Science Alive! exhibition, on our IAA stand.
Come and gain some insight into running a business and inventing by an expert.

18th August 2016
Guest Speaker: Ralph Drage TADSA

Imagine trying to put fuel in your car and not having the strength in your hands to operate the nozzle.
This is one of the many problems both simple and complex solved by TADSA, now in its 38th year, in a bid to improve people’s lives.
Adelaide born Ralph Drage has a background as a Fitter & Turner, Car Restorer through to Industrial Engineer and coordinates through 40 volunteers, the projects TADSA is called upon to do.
He will show some of the more challenging solutions and beware they are on the lookout for more volunteers.

21st July 2016
Guest Speaker: Joanna Lamek

Joanna Lamek is a digital specialist and founder of “Start Me Up Adelaide”. She is creating businesses and turning creative ideas into reality. Crowdfunding is making a huge impact on our economy, with startups and businesses to introducing new products and services.

Joanna will talk about:
– What is crowdfunding?
– Benefits and types of crowdfunding for inventors
– Things inventors need to consider before launching crowdfunding campaign
– Which crowdfunding platform is right for your project
– Industry Statistics

16th June 2016
Guest Speaker: Anna Tripodi (Inspired Directionz)

Anna Tripodi is a small business consultant and mentor as well as an event manager, MC and promoter.
Her talk will be interactive and tailored towards Inventors covering:
Why social media is so important
A brief outline of the different social media platforms available and which ones will be most beneficial for inventors
Understanding how to use social media as a business/inventor
How to find out more on each platform
Engaging professionals to manage social media

19th May 2016
Guest Speakers: Adelaide First Person View Racing

They ride along with their drones through a camera in the front and drive them in real time.
Adelaide City Council now allows them to fly in the Adelaide Parklands.
This is worldwide sport and they promote safe and responsible racing as well as teaching new comers to build and race their own creations.
They provide a great insight into Drones as well a great nights entertainment.

21st April 2016
Guest Speaker: Brian O’Malley (OCLOC

Repair system for broken Permapine posts

In 2010 Brian O’Malley and Andrew Stevens won both Peoples Choice and Episode Winner on the ABC New Inventors program with a repair system for broken Permapine posts for grape vine trellises.
With interest from the USA they developed a repair system for the steel posts used there.
With this wealth of experience they developed a post that wouldn’t need repairing.

17th March 2016
Guest Speaker: Chris Hayward – IP Australia

Patents are not the only form of protection for the new invention and are often a huge drain on limited finances and whilst they are the mainstay of licensing agreements, the inventor is often is required to prosecute infringers under that same agreement, a further drain on their finances.
Chris Hayward from IP Australia will be our keynote speaker in an open forum with our own Howard Schulze and Tony Rossiter.
Protection is a mixture of assets including manufacturing secrets, confidentiality agreements, tooling, experience, contacts, distribution, trademark, copyright, trade dress, approvals from statuary bodies, domain names, and mechanical copy protection.
Come and discuss these in our forum.

18th February 2016
Guest Speakers: Peter March & Ken Bell (StaminaLift


Developed in a farm workshop by a hospital employee, ex farmer/handyman, and farmer, joined shortly by an accountant, computers were foreign and skills readjustment was rapid.

During this time they leaned heavily on anyone willing to help and patented and trademarked their IP.

Ken Bell successfully promoted an early model in Adelaide, interstate and eventually in London. The last move proved a need to change direction, so StaminaLift International Ltd. was formed in July 2010 with additional shareholders.

They designed new machines, won prestigious awards, and rank as #1 in bed moving technology, an overnight success in 12 years.

Thursday 21st January 2016
Guest Speaker: Tony Rossiter

The Story of John Harrison
An 18th Century inventor who spent his and a large part of his sons life improving navigation by inventing a clock that would keep accurate time at sea.

The things that effected accuracy were, winding, temperature, friction, lubricants, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ship movement, magnetic fields and finally the bain of all inventors, the cost, about a third of the ships cost!

He was lied to, deceived, cheated and finally………. well come and find out.