Meetings 2013


October 2013 meeting:

Exploring “Learning the Craft of Inventing”

Creating a group think Project for the members as a practical exercise from
conception to product ownership.

September 2013 Guest Speaker
David Steinway, will be looking at:
1) Ways of promoting the Inventors Assn.
2) The Design Act
3) The process of one of his inventions

August 2013 Guest Speaker
Geoff Forrest who spoke on

“Crowd Sourcing and Funding”

July 2013 Guest Speaker
Tom Hilder who spoke on

“From Your Head to Your Hands”

June 2013 Guest Speaker
Marjon Martin, who spoke on

“Eco Echoes”

May 2013 Guest Speaker
Howard Schulze speaking about the

Patent systems.

April 2013 Guest Speaker
Brian Measday, who spoke about his

”Greenwell” journey.