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Thursday, August 18, 2022 –  7 for 7:30pm

Guest Speaker: Tim Dwyer

Subject: “Upsetting the laws of physics”

H2 Fuel-Save Australia.
Hydrogen Emission Reduction Systems

Our company is a small research and development company committed to the reduction of harmful emissions from internal combustion engines.
The concept of adding Hydrogen to internal combustion engines is not new, however to firstly create H2 through electrolysis, without excess heat, was the first  challenge.
The second challenge was to determine the correct amount of H2 required per litre of carbon based fuels for the optimum burn, so as to reduce the CO2 by greater than 50%.
Both of these challenges have been overcome and now we have a H2 supply system that is 100% controllable in regards to exact flow and minimum heat. We are now in talks with various companies in the EU, Spain and Asia.

H2 Fuel Save – Hydrogen Generator













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Eric Rodda
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