NEXT MEETING –  Thursday, 17th January – 7 for 7:30 pm

Guest Speaker: Ben Morton
Technical Director & Co-Founder: ByGen Pty Ltd


ByGen is a spin-out company from the Chemical Engineering department of the University of Adelaide. Co-Founded by Dr Lewis Dunnigan, Dr Philip Kwong, and Mr Ben Morton.

The process converts agricultural waste, straw, husks, hulls, etc. and other non-saleable waste.  Shown is an auger in a heated chamber which is the first stage of the process.  Feed drops down the left vertical tube, into the screw where it is conveyed along at a high temperature, converting it into charcoal. It is then converted into activated carbon using a patent pending technology developed by ByGen.

The process is a giant leap over existing processes, using low temperatures and impure gases whereas the current method uses high temperatures and higher purity gases and the output quality is comparable.

Video about ByGen

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